April 09, 2011

Albertans in MLB

There are 16 Canadian players on opening day rosters.  From new household names such as defending MVP Joey Votto to those who were around BEFORE the Blue Jays had won a World Series (Matt Stairs).  And these players come from coast to coast, but not a single one of these is from Alberta.  Hopefully this will change in the next few seasons, as the Canadian Baseball Network has released its annual list of Canadians playing college ball, and there are 74 Albertan baseball players on the rosters of schools playing college south of the border.
Among the notables are RHP Ryan Thompson, LHP Ryan Kennedy and 3B Jesse Sawyer who are all on the
Canadian Baseball Network's projected draft list.

The list includes the following players from Alberta:

NCAA - Div I
INF Cody Dillabough, Calgary, University of Pennsylvania (PA)
LHP-INF Eric Ranson, Calgary, University of Tennessee at Martin (TN)
LHP Rob Zastryzny, Edmonton, University of Missouri (MO)
OF Shane Zimmer, St. Albert, Canisius College (NY)
INF Adam Nelubowich, Stoney Plain, Washington State University (WA)
OF Dale Anderson, Strathmore, Seton Hall University (NJ)
3B-RHP Scott Hornstra, Rocky Mountain House, Mississippi Valley State University (MS)
1B Brendan Miller, Taber, Mississippi Valley State University (MS)
INF Chad Northcott, Rocky Mountain House, Northwestern State University (LA)
OF Zach Rhodes, Champion, South Dakota State University (SD)
LHP Josh Edwards, Rocky Rapids, University of Buffalo (NY)
RHP Dustin Northcott, Rocky Mountain House, Northwestern State University (LA)
INF Jesse Sawyer, Calgary, South Dakota State University (SD)

INF Tyson Hudson, Welling, Dixie state College (UT)
LHP Taylor Simmonds, Saint Albert, Wayne State College (NE)
RHP Jared Dickie, Calgary, Northern State College (SD)
C Jamie Mitchell, Calgary, Mount Olive College (NC)
RHP Ryan Thompson, Fort McMurray, Franklin Pierce University (NH)
RHP-1B Kyle Blair, Calgary, University of Minnesota-Morris (MN)
LHP Bobby Bogensberger, Calgary, California State University East Bay (CA)
RHP Taylor Burns, Edmonton, Ouachita Baptist University (AK)
LHP Ryan Kennedy, Calgary, University of Tampa (FL)
RHP Ben Runyon, Edmonton, Lander University (SC)
RHP Drew Boyer, Millet, Wingate University (NC)
INF Michael Cala, Edmonton, San Francisco State University (CA)
OF Boston Langley, Edmonton, Rollins College (FL)
INF David Reiniger,  Calgary, University of Alabama-Huntsville (AL)
C Brad Rintoul, Calgary, Northern State University (SD)
OF Caleb Smith, Calgary, Missouri University of Science and Technology (MO)
LHP Curtis Smith, Calgary, University of Nebraska-Omaha (NE)

2B Luke Frankiw, Calgary, Haverford College (PA)
INF Chad Moore, Airdrie, Northland College (WI)

INF Kim Barthel, Lethbridge, LSU-Shreveport University (LA)
LHP Donovan Feenstra, Calgary, University of Cumberlands (KY)
RHP Jay Kirkham, Innisfail, Minot State University (ND)
LHP Zach Armstrong, Erskine, University of Texas-Brownsville (TX)
OF Shane Court, Red Deer, Minot State University (ND)
RHP Jarvis Greiner, Edmonton, Biola University (CA)
3B-RHP Jamin Heller, Lethbridge, Minot State University (ND)
C Kyle Mayer, Okotoks, Jamestown College (ND)
INF Brad Regehr, Calgary, University of Texas-Brownsville (TX)
RHP Sam Siddall, Edmonton, Midland University (NE)
RHP Cole Stober, Hays, Minor State University (ND)
SS-OF Ryland Chin, Strathmore, Campbellsville College (KY)
LHP Blair Cowley, Edmonton, Tusculum College (TN)
SS Mitch Frey, Medicine Hat, Mayville State College (ND)
RHP Andrew Grafton, Edmonton, Dickinson State Univesity (ND)
OF Mark Kuzyk, Sherwood Park, Mayville State College (ND)
RHP Joel Peterman, Red Deer, Minot State University (ND)
RHP Mitch Schaafsma, Tabor, University of Texas-Brownsville (TX)
OF Curtis Beaudoin, Lethbridge, LSU-Shreveport University (LA)
INF Jared Chatwood, Red Deer, Minot State University (ND)
RHP Phil Curtis, Sherwood Park, Jamestown College (ND)
RHP Sheldon Jones, Edmonton, Mayville State College (ND)
RHP Denver Wik, Innisfail, Minot State University (ND)

Juniors Colleges and Community Colleges
OF Patrick Adair, Calgary, Muscatine Community College (IA)
1B Adam Beller, Sherwood Park, Butte College (CA)
RHP Cashtyn DeLeeuw, Grimshaw, Indian Hills Community College (IA)
RHP Tyler Dunsmore, Edmonton, Allan Hancock College (CA)
LHP Thomas Hanley, Calgary, McCook Community College (NE)
INF Tyler Hayes, Calgary, Colby Comunity College (KS)
C Brant Hittel, Medicine Hat, McCook Community College (NE)
LHP Keegan Hucul, St. Albert, Seward County College Saints (KS)
INF Justin Lee, Strathmore, Midland College (TX)
RHP Danny MacKinnon, Calgary, McCook Community College (NE)
INF Chayse Marion, Red Deer, Trinidad State Junior College (CO)
INF Matt McGee, Edmonton,   Allan Hancock College (CA)
INF Brad Michaleski, Spruce Grove, Garden City Community College (KS)
RHP Levi Westerlund, Oyen, Midland College (TX)
RHP Cameron Wych, Calgary, Cisco College (TX)
INF Joel Lutz, Medicine Hat, Muscataine Community College (IA)
RHP Burke Seifrit, Sherwood Park, College of Southern Nevada  (NV)
RHP Tyler Vavra, Calgary, College of Southern Idaho (ID)
INF Tyler Hollick, Calgary, Chandler-Gilbert Community College (AZ)

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