April 25, 2011

Should Daisuke or Should He Go

I should have asked this question before the Blue Jays came to town. I had predicted the Sox would break out of their funk, but didn't foresee the positive effect it would have on Mr. Matsuzaka.

I was going to add a poll here, but I know what the results would say. I strongly suspect that the results would have been different a week ago.

I have always been a big believer in Dice-K, and even coming into this season still thought he was the 3rd best pitcher on this staff, and if not a true ace, certainly a very strong #2. Lester and Beckett are proven aces, we know what Lackey can do, and it's just Buchholz that I'm concerned about. Clay had a great season in 2010, but his results were largely due to what statisticians with PhDs in advanced statistical analysis refer to as "luck". I said at the start of the season that Dice would have a better season than Buchholz, and hope he does due to him continuing to pitch like he has the last couple of starts rather than Clay underperforming.

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