January 31, 2015

Super Bowl time = NFL Parity. NOT!

It's that time of year again, where I have to deal with the simpleton NFL fans with their knuckle-dragging cries of the supremeness of the Super Bowl since unlike baseball there's parity and on any given Sunday anyone can win.


Haven't we been through this already? Like, every single year?  I don't feel like rewriting my original post from 2010, but the facts have only been strengthened since.  Jayson Stark has once again articulated this much better than I could.

Anyway you look at it - whether it's Super Bowl Champs vs. World Series winners, or playoff teams, or the spread amongst teams' regular season records, there is very little parity in the the NFL compared to the MLB. 

Anyhow, I always look forward to the Super Bowl.  Means Spring Training is right around the corner :) 

January 24, 2015

Local fundraisers: Support your team and meet MLB stars

Several local baseball groups are having their annual fundraisers in the next few weeks and it is a great opportunity for Albertans to support their home baseball organizations while having a chance to meet some MLB stars and win some great prizes.

January 19, 2015

Math Iz hard!

I almost posted this on my rant’s blog. But I’ve already posted there about people’s stupidity. More. Than. Once.  And this is baseball related anyways, so thought I’d just write about it here. 

Max Scherzer just signed a 7 year / $210 Million deal with the Washington Nationals. Congratulations to him, the organization and Mr. Boras on this signing. Right away I saw people on twitter and message boards talk about how $30 M per year was way more than Lester and he’s probably not worth that much more etc. A while later, started seeing posts saying since the money is deferred (he’s getting $15 Million per year over 14 years), the NPV of the contract is actually less than the 6/$144 he turned down from the Tigers last year, or Lester's money. And he’s signed for 7 years, not 6 so it’s actually more of a bargain.