About Me

Hello, my name is Ruben and I've been a baseball fan for many years. (Here's where you all say "Hi, Ruben"). I am slightly obssessed about baseball, and I'm not here to get help controlling my addiction.

The author of this blog with Jim Rice the day his #14
 was retired af Fenway Park. Based on the smile on his
face, meeting me was the highlight of his day!
I’ve been a fan, coach, umpire, sabermetrician, collector, and writer.  It started when I was a kid and as a Red Sox fan Jim Rice was my favorite player. After he retired I spent 15 years lobbying for his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I set up a website and wrote to BBWAA voting members who made their ballots public and omitted him, until he got to Cooperstown.

Traveling around the continent I was amazed at how many Red Sox fans I ran into everywhere. I realized Red Sox Nation was very extensive and decided to start a blog focused on Red Sox news of interest to Canadians.   I then joined the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and included some general MLB articles on my site.  It was maintained at RSNAlberta.blogspot.com

Baseball Alberta Provincial
 Champion Medal
I am also a strong supporter of local baseball. I have coached youth teams on and off at every level up to Bantam AAA (U15) since 1989. Won several different league championships throughout that time. I have been on the Board of Directors of local Little League as well as Provincial baseball associations. Served in several capacities including VP Technical & Player Development, Evaluation Coordinator and Umpire-In-Chief. I am currently a nationally certified Level 4 umpire, and officiate games at every level up to and including college ball in Alberta, and have umpired at several National Championships. Between coaching, being on boards and umpiring, I have become familiar with many of the baseball organizations and participants in the province and started writing a blog to promote what individual teams or players were doing. It was maintained at BaseballinAlberta.blogspot.com.

I'm a contributor to the Canadian Baseball Network, and occasionally write articles about baseball related Alberta stories there:

As a coach I always needed volunteers to keep score, to help me compile player’s stats.  Over the years I saw many unusual plays and many questions came up regarding their scoring. I would look up the appropriate rule afterwards and make mental notes. At some point I became referred to as the scoring rules guy.  I've been asked to be a volunteer scorekeeper a few times and eventually I created a website to be a reference for scoring some of the trickier plays.  It can be found at BaseballScoring.wordpress.com.

There are always other baseball related things I’ve wanted to talk about but they didn’t fit neatly in one of the aforementioned sites.  This site consolidates all my writings and will include other miscellaneous baseball topics as well. 

Did I mention I was obssessed? Here is my licence plate... acquired 2500 miles away from Fenway:

I've had cats named Fenway, Red Sock and Wally. The current family feline is Tessie.