April 08, 2011


I just did the math.  If we get swept by the Yankees, we will be officially mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.  How can we be eliminated so early, you ask?  Well, we'll be 7 games behind them, with only 7 to go in the 16 game schedule, and they'll have the tiebreaker by beating us head-to-head, so... Wait - what's that you say?  We play 162 games?

Not 16 like the NFL?  So, after this weekend series, if we we are 0-9, that would be the equivalent, of like trailing in the middle of the 4th quarter, of the FIRST football game of the season.  And we're panicking that we can't recover from this start?  Seriously?  I'm not a huge football fan, but do fans of the Patriots or Steelers or Eagles or whatever team is perennially expected to contend start acting like the season is over, and the playoffs are out of reach barring a miracle, before the first game has even finished?  Specially if there have been no injuries, just a few players having a bad game?  C'mon Red Sox Nation.  You're better than that.  I'm getting tired of being bombarded by sports radio call in shows, facebook updates, tweets, blogs and everything else wondering what's wrong and what we need to do to right the ship.   RELAX PEOPLE!  We're good.  We might not win the division or make the playoffs, but I'm fairly confident it won't be because of a poor start.  Here's a news flash.  WE WILL LOSE 60+ GAMES!  Every team does.  Every year.  (Ok, once every few years, someone wins more than 102 - last time it happened was the 2004 Cardinals, and even that wasn't enough to help them win the World Series).  Just resign yourselves to the fact that these 6 (or 7, or 10 or whatever) losses are going to be among those 60 that we were going to lose anyhow. There's also about 60 games that every team is guaranteed to win (if you're in Pittsburgh, Seattle, Houston or Cleveland this statement might not apply to you!). And then there are about 40 or so games that separate playoff teams from the bottom teams. As long as we don't count any of the recent losses as part of these 40, but think of them as part of the 60 that we were going to lose anyhow, we can stay sane.

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