October 08, 2011

BBA Boston Chapter Connie Mack Award

Now that I have posted my personal ballots for all the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) awards, time to share the final results.

I am a member of the Boston Chapter of the BBA.  Each Chapter gets two votes, and as Boston is an American League team, we only voted on the AL awards.  Each member of the chapter votes for any and all of the awards, with each vote getter being assigned a number value, based on where they are in the voting, and whoever gets the most votes, gets the Chapter's nod for that award.

The first award of 2011 is the Connie Mack Award, given to the Best Manager in the American League.
Here are the Boston Chapter’s Top 3 Selections:

  • Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays - 20 points
  • Jim Leyland, Detroit Tigers - 6 points
  • Ron Washington, Texas Rangers - 5 points
The results were a little different than what I had picked, and in fact I was only the only member to give a vote to Joe Girardi (would you expect differently from a bunch of Red Sox fans?), but I can't argue with the selection of Maddon who I had in 2nd place.

Overall, the BBA's selections matched those of the Boston Chapter, with Maddon winning handily with 22 of 25 1st place votes.  In the NL, Kirk Gibson won unanimously with Ron Roenicke of the Brewers coming in 2nd  and Tony LaRussa edging out Charlie Manuel for 3rd place.  You can view the entire BBA results here.

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