December 23, 2014

2015 Hall of Fame - Part II - Canadians

This is my second article where I unveil who I'm voting for on the 2015 Hall of Fame ballot. My last article dealt with Red Sox players.  This one looks at players of interest to Canadians. Either native players, or those who played north of the border. As I did last time, I'm looking at each player's merits on their own, without regard to the maximum 10 player limit. In my last post I will cut it back to just 10 and may remove some players who I had said I would be voting for.

Let me start with the players returning on the ballot. 

They are:
Roger Clemens (35% last year)
Jeff Kent (15%)
Edgar Martinez (25%)
Fred McGriff (12%)
Tim Raines (46%)
Larry Walker (10%)

No need to rehash the arguments on which of these should be in and out. Take at look at last year's post for yourself.

The newcomers:

Carlos Delgado - Holds many Blue Jays career offensive records, ending up playing 12 seasons in Toronto with an OPS+ of 142. Almost a member of the 500 HR club ending up with 473.  And he was strictly a catcher in the minors until his last year at AAA. And he caught a couple of times when he first came up to Toronto. His kind of offensive numbers as a catcher would make him a no doubt Hall of Famer. But putting up his numbers as a below average defensive first baseman during the highest offensive era ever just doesn't quite cut it. NO

Cliff Floyd -  Burst on the scene in Montreal, garnering some ROY attention. Played there for a bit over three years.  Good player, not good enough for the Hall. Read my lengthier explanation in my Red Sox post. NO

Randy Johnson - Mainly remembered as a Mariner who went to Arizona and helped them win a World Series and then was one of many mercenaries that the Yankees acquired. Few recall he started his career in Montreal, playing a year and a half there while getting all of three wins. But his career took off shortly after being traded to Seattle. He won five Cy Youngs, and was in the top three an additional 4 times. Ended with 4875 strikeouts and a record 10.6 K/9 for his career. Also won 300 games. I'm not a big fan of the traditional baseball stats (wins, strikeouts, awards) and much prefer the more sabermetric ones, but when the numbers are that eye popping there is no need to look any further. He's a no doubter. YES

Pedro Martinez - I already covered him in my Red Sox post. Read that if you need convincing that he should be in. But he's listed here because he spent four seasons in Montreal pitching for the Expos, before getting traded to Boston for Tony Armas Jr. (who was the player-to-be-named-later) and Carl Effin' Pavano. HAHAHAHA.  Maybe Dan Duquette should get a spot in Cooperstown for that one.  YES

My next post will wrap up the series covering all the other players who I will vote and finalizing my ballot down to 10.  

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