February 06, 2016

Did you hear the one about NFL parity?

Best part of Super Bowl? Truck Day is around the corner!
(courtesy of Boston Globe / David L. Ryan)
So, this year the Super Bowl pits the #1 seed from the NFC vs the #1 seed from the AFC.  And they both got there by virtue of beating the #2 seeds in their respective conference championship games.  Yet, the NFL media machine keeps spewing the “on any given Sunday, any team can win” bullshit.  I guess if you didn’t believe that, you’d have a hard time selling out games in Cleveland, Tampa, Jacksonville, Nashville and other places that haven’t seen a winner in a long time.  And I’m not just talking about this year but throughout the league’s history it’s been dominated by a handful of franchises.  Anyhow, Jayson Stark has once again articulated this very well here.  Proving once again how MLB baseball has the most parity of any professional sports league.  Before you say “But the Yankees win every year!!!” make sure you first (a) read the article in the link and (b) check that you didn’t just wake up from a coma you were in since the end of last century.

And if that’s not enough to convince you that MLB (even without a salary cap) has much greater parity than the NFL could ever hope to achieve, feel free to read what I've said about this previously here and here, or peruse any of these other links:

Once again, the best thing about the Super Bowl, will be that we now know baseball is right around the corner.  

Time to get ready for the season with some reading:

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