April 29, 2014

Did you know? Catcher's Interference

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)
editor's note: this is a repost of an item originally appearing in my Baseball Scoring Rules site.

How to calculate some common percentage records:

Batting Average = Hits ÷ At Bats
Slugging Percentage = Total Bases ÷ At Bats

Okay, fairly basic stuff.  But how do you account for a batter getting on base via Catcher's Interference (CI) ? Logically, it should add to their on base percentage (OBP).  It should be treated similarly to a walk or hit by pitch.  It doesn't affect your batting average, but should bump up your OBP.  Well, it doesn't.  Offically, if you get on base via CI, nothing happened.  It's not considered an at bat, nor a plate appearance.   Now you know. Sorry, Jacoby.

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