April 21, 2012

RSN Watch party recap

It started off well enough.  But in the 2nd inning some idiot decided to tweet this from the bar:

"a short afternoon for Freddy Garcia". Doesn't get out of 2nd inning and we are on way to 7th consecutive RSN watch party victory. (*)

Well, apparently that angered the The Baseball Gods and we know how the game turned out.  No need to rehash it here.   But that doesn't mean that this group of 17 or so local Red Sox fans didn't have fun.

(*) We won all 6 last year.  Some blowouts, some come from behind, but they were all great games.  Here's a recap I wrote previously on them.

Below is a pictorial recap of the afternoon:

Sign Welcoming fans to the RSN party room at the Melrose Cafe
Fans watching game intently on one of smaller screens by tables

Red Sox gift pack prize 

Once game got out of hand, fans kept enjoying themselves with  food and beverages

Kelly, who took care of us all afternoon, drawing for the door prize
Marc-Eric receiving prize from our host,  RSN Alberta governor, Marc.

Look at the smiles on our faces after blowing a 9 run lead to the Yankees!

A big thank you to Marc for organizing this event, and supplying the prizes, and helping to raise $150 for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation.  If you're a local Red Sox fan, or just enjoy watching baseball with a fun group of people join us at the next one.  It's scheduled for September 8th at 5 PM at the Melrose.  Hope to see everyone there again and meet some new people.

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